Monday, May 12, 2014

Week in Review--Mother's Day AND Operation American Pride


-This week in writing we had a great time learning about how you can right words to make a point. When you write a word sometimes you can make it bold you can make it underline you can make it wiggly, lopsided or even different colors. We practiced writing our opinion in bolding certain words that were important. The class also helped me fix my own writing by helping me figure out what I was missing. I forgot to have three reasons why my opinion was important to me and they helped me realize I only had one. We finished our writing this week by working on how to make an ending. We have always wrote and ending by using a feeling and now they need to use that feeling but also restate their opinion. For example, I could say I really like ice cream or I could say I'm excited when I eat strawberry ice cream for an opinion paper about strawberry ice cream.


-In math this week we added a new choice to math with someone, where we work with our partner on ways to make 10 by playing a game called “bears in a cave”. The idea of the game is to hide some bears under the cup or in the cave and the other partner is to guess how many bears are in the cave after they've counted the bears. Outside the cave there are 10 total bears, so if they know how many are outside by knowing the various ways to make ten, they should be able to figure out how many are inside.


-We had TWO sight words this week-- “when, where”.

-The CAFÉ strategy we worked on this week was the strategy.

“Retell a Story”

Retelling the story is a comprehension strategy used to help readers recall what is happening in the story. It involves telling what is important in the story without telling too much. The most effective way to teach retelling is through modeling and practice. Model this strategy for your students and then allow them to practice.

How can you help your child with this strategy at home?

1. Introduce the Retell Rope described on the ready reference guide in the back of the CAFE book. This strategy provides a visual and kinesthetic reminder for children to help them focus on the strategy being learned.

2. After a brief reminder on what it means to be a good listener, allow students to practice this strategy by sharing a retelling of a story with a partner. Partners should listen to the retelling carefully, prompting with questions about the characters, setting, problem, events, or solution if needed.

3. Make this strategy fun by allowing children to use small props or puppets when retelling their story.

4. Fold a piece of paper into thirds. Have the children use these columns to write beginning, middle, and end. Then, have the children draw a picture that retells what happened in the beginning of the story, in the middle of the story, and at the end of the story. The space is small so children must weed out the minor details of the story and only draw the most important details for their retelling. Then, using the pictures, have the children explain what they drew as they retell the story.

     We had a great week learning all about our mothers and how much we love them. We started off the week of working on a special surprise. We continued working on the special surprise throughout the week I can't talk too much about them here in the newsletter you will see what they are on Sunday. We did have a wonderful time celebrating our moms at our mother’s day muffins for mom’s celebration on Wednesday morning. The kids were so excited and I saw so many smiling families it was wonderful. Thank you all for coming to our muffins for mom’s celebration. We hope you enjoy the muffins refreshments and the adorable craft you made together!

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