Tuesday, March 12, 2013

New Behavior Chart!

I realized I haven't posted about our new behavior chart. I used to have a system where the students all started out swimming in the ocean as fish and then if they made a poor choice they would move their fish to the 5, 10, 15 and Sea Snake (aka the office and phone call home). This really worked great for a few years until I realized all I was doing was punishing students for not making good choices, but what about all of those students who were making the RIGHT choices? Sooooo, in comes the new behavior chart. The chart starts off with every students clip in the middle green "Ready to Learn at the Beach" choice. Moving down the chart the parts are yellow-"Sink or Swim", orange-"Wipe Out" and red-"Shark Tank". Going up the chart they are purple-"Surf's Up", pink-"Riding the Wave" and the highest one is blue-"Top Surfer". Throughout the day students have the opportunity to get "caught" making good choices for themselves or even helping out others and can move their clip up. On the flip side, if they are not making the best choices the clip can be moved down. Moving the clip down results in 5 minutes, 10 minutes and 15 minutes from recess. If a student ends on the red/Shark Tank, he/she has a red note to take home that explains what choices were made and needs to be signed and returned the following day. Moving up the chart is the BEST! If at the end of the day the student ends up on purple they earn a Brownie Buck (mini-economy system), pink a Brownie Buck and a skittle/M&M (whatever is in the jar on my desk) and if they end up as the Top Surfer on blue they earn a Brownie Buck and a automatic trip to the class treasure box! I just LOVE to see the kids working so very hard to earn their way back up the chart, even if they make a poor choice at some point in the day they can earn their way back up!

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