Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Narrative Writing

We moved on from practicing opinion piece writings and now have moved to narrative writing. When we first practiced narratives, we created a chart together as to what items needed to be in a narrative. Once we came up with the list, we then orally told stories that could easily be written down as a narrative, but instead we just practiced including all of the pieces when speaking, as well as keeping the stories to 3-4 sentences.

Once we practiced and modeled several narratives, we then  moved on to writing a class narrative about a field trip we took to McCutcheon High School for their Ag Day. I emphasized four important words in order to keep our writing to the point and flowing in the correct order without getting off track. The words we used were "First, Next, Then and Finally". We wrote the piece together recalling our field trip.

After we wrote our piece together, we practiced illustrating each portion of our writing next to each of those four important words. When the students begin doing these steps independently, we will flip flop the way we did this and I will have them first illustrate a story by using the page below and drawing what happened first, next, then and last. We will then write the narrative using their illustrations to help recall the story in order and including the other important pieces of a narrative!

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