Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Reading Time & Snack Time!

This week I started having students get their book boxes during snack time to enjoy a little reading while filling up their tummies. I was thinking about how we have a lot of independent work time throughout the day, but the amount of time my students are actually just reading varies between 15-20 minutes a day. After realizing this I knew something had to be done! I looked at our daily schedule and wanted to optimize the most time and combined snack with a little extra independent reading time. We will do this on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays and will watch an educational video or show from PBS on Tuesday and Thursdays as we have always done. I am even bringing a book of mine in from home and will take the 10-15 minutes of our normal snack and rest time to do a little reading myself! Maybe I'll bring in a snack too =).

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