Friday, February 8, 2013

Morning Message Technology Style!

For months we have completed our morning message on my dry erase easel in the calendar/carpet area. I have seen many teachers both on Twitter and various blogs who use their SmartBoard to create interactive morning messages. I have wanted to do this type of message ever since! A few of the other kindergarten and first grade teachers and I went to a workshop on how to use a program that came with our ENO PolyVision boards called EasiTeach Next Generation. I was so excited after messing around with the different options to try it with my class. The first day we did the message there were a few goof ups but the second day went much smoother! After filling in missing sight words, we will circle words, draw an arrow to parts of the letter, draw shapes and much more! One aspect of the program the students seem to enjoy is having the computer read part of the message to us and we read the parts where we filled in words/numbers. I love all of that plus being able to add pictures to the message and hope to learn even more options to add to the message!

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  1. Great! I used to have Eno boards at my other school-now have smart board.. Like both for different reasons!