Monday, March 5, 2012

Daily 5 Math Mini-Lesson & 2 Choices!

As our 3rd nine weeks draws to a close, we have started to focus on our 4th nine weeks Common Core State Standards. The main skill we have been working with in the past week is ways to make the number 10. We first started out doing this as a whole group activity. I drew two circles on the board (the second day I drew two squares) and placed 10 shapes inside the first circle. I had the class help me fill in the missing parts of this addition sentence using the items from the circles ___ + ____ = 10. We continued to do this until we found all 11 different combinations inside the circles to make the number 10!

After completing this activity whole group for several mini-lessons, I put the same lesson as an option for students to choose from during "Math by Myself". The students take the Ways to make 10 paper, bag of 10 dots, dry erase marker, eraser and dry erase board. They take the dots and divide them between the circles on the page putting different amounts in each circle. After placing the dots, the student counts the dots and then writes the addition sentence on the dry erase board.

Another choice during Daily 5 Math's "Math with Someone" is when the students take a bag of shapes, clipboard and a Shape Drawing paper to a spot in the room. Their first job is to sort the objects by size, which is our third skill in sorting with the Common Core Standards. The first two were to sort by color and shape. After sorting the shapes by size, they can then create a picture using the shapes. Once the picture is created, they draw the picture using shapes on their Shape Drawing paper. The video shows two groups working on their sorting and the pictures below the video are the groups creating a picture to draw.

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