Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Bringing a Little "Play" Back into Kindergarten!

With the focus on the Common Core Standards, our 90 minute reading block and our 60 minute math block leaves little room for traditional "play" that most think happens in a kindergarten classroom. The teachers I work with and I have talked about ways we can add an aspect of play, using imagination, exploring and socialization into our classrooms on a daily basis. One idea we have started with was to have our math tubs that are filled with various manipulatives on each table in the morning when the students arrive. After they have their morning routine complete, they are given the chance to "explore" as we call it in my classroom with the manipulatives at their table. I have found the students are eager to see which tub is at their desk and are positively interacting with their peers at their table in creating and using their imaginations. This activity will last anywhere from 5-15 minutes depending on the morning.


  1. Did you see the explore post Katie did at Catching Readers Before they Fall blog? They might interest you as you think more about this topic. They've helped me.

  2. Hey Mandy! I did not see Katie's post. I will have to check her blog out ASAP.