Tuesday, January 31, 2012

100th Day of School Fun!

We officially celebrated our 100th day of school on January 25th!

To start off our day, we colored the number 100 and ate a snack after we created the number 100 out of two doughnuts and a Nutter Butter cookie!
Our morning message was about how proud I was that we have made it to day #100, only 80 more to go =)!
During our Daily 5 first mini-lesson, we listened to a story on tape about a how the classroom in the story celebrates their 100th day of school. We compared what the class in the story did to celebrate to what we had planned for our day! We found several similarities and differences.
Our second mini-lesson asked us to count the number of letters found in a poem. We wrote a few guesses before counting the number and found that there were exactly 100 letters in the poem!
During our math block, we created a 100's day hat by putting a series of school buses in order by counting by 10's up to 100.

Another activity during our math block was going on a Hershey Kiss hunt around our classroom. There were 100 Hershey Kisses hidden around the classroom, each with a number 1-100 written on the bottom. It was the student's job to find a Hershey Kiss, say the number and find where its match on the 100's chart. We were hoping to fill the entire chart up, but unfortunately we could not find #87 and #77. Luckily, in the following two days both pieces of chocolate were found!

To finish off our special day, the students shared the snack they brought in. They were to bring in 100 of something to share with the class. We had everything from 100 pieces of cereal, Skittles, M&M's, cookies, candy hearts and a salty snack. After sharing, each student took their bag and dumped it into the basket with the rest of the snacks.
In the afternoon on Friday, we played a 100 themed game of Would You Rather. Each of the strips of paper were turned upside down and two strips were drawn at a time. We went around a circle and had to choose one or the other and share why we made that choice. The class thought each round was quite silly, but were good sports in having to choose, even if their choice wasn't something they would really like to have. 100 snakes or 100 dirty socks? I sure hope not!

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