Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Book Shopping!

Who doesn't love to go shopping? Especially for new books! I love getting the opportunity to go shopping and I get even more excited when I buy a new book to read. In our class, each child has a special day of the week picked just for them to go "shopping" in our class book store. The kids are given a time slot each morning before announcements where they get to shop for a new book or two for their book boxes. When it is their day, they first go to their book box and pick out a book they are finished reading and ready to exchange. They decide which basket their book would fit the best into. If they are having a hard time deciding which basket to put the book in, they ask three of their friends in class for help before coming to ask me. Once they found the best fit for their book, it's their turn to shop for a new one! They are allowed to look through each basket until they find a book that fits their needs the best. Right now, most of the students are looking for books that interest them. Later on the in year, I will have a section of books seperated by reading levels and the students will be encouraged to shop for specific books in their reading level. Once they have found their new book, they will put it in their book box to keep it safe until Daily 5 and return to their seat. Students are split into groups to shop Monday through Thursday. Friday mornings are saved for any student who was absent on his/her day to shop. I will change the baskets of books when new themes are introduced in our class and/or if I see an increased interest in a certain type of book.


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