Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Daily 5

I took video of my class during Daily 5 today. Both videos shows students who have chosen Work on Writing or Read to Self. They are working very hard on both parts of Daily 5. I introduced Word Work today and it will be available as a choice next week. The class is very excited to get to have a third choice during Daily 5. I can already tell by having two choices how smoothly they are transitioning and how engaged each student is. I am excited to start working with small groups and one on one with students once all portions of Daily 5 are officially launched! 


  1. They are so quiet and engaged - well, distracted by the camera sometimes, but most are totally on-task. That's so great to see, especially at Kindergarten. Congratulations. I can see Daily 5 is going to be a big success in your classroom.

  2. Thank you and yes they are quiet! This was my first time using the video camera with this group of students during work time. I was impressed with how a few looked at the camera and then got right back to work. We love D5 in kindergarten!