Monday, April 11, 2011


Our first lesson in learning about plants! We took bean seeds, wet paper towel and potting mix and put them all together inside a baggie. We are going to watch them grow for the next two weeks. We are excited to watch the beans sprout with stems and roots. We might even be lucky enough to see a leaf or two.


  1. Hi there! I just had a few quick questions. I am going to do the lima bean activity with my class on Monday and I was wondering how much soil you put in the bags? Do you have to use soil? Also, I see you hung them on the wall. Does your wall get sunlight? I am in a classroom that does not have any windows, what do you suggest I do? Thanks for all your help in advance!!
    Kaci :)

  2. Hey! You do not need soil for the activity. Just put a wet paper towel in with the bean and that should do it. I put soil and it worked the same. The wall does not get much sunlight, but the beans still were able to grow! The water and addition of soil is what helped our beans grow. Let me know how it went for you!