Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Daily 5 Stations

A student practicing read to self. He is actually reading his own sentences in his writing journal.

Read to self using a "telephone" to pretend they are reading to someone else. This helps with the noise level and also is another tool that keeps children engaged.

Working with words! This student is pulling sight words and word family words out of his red bowl. He is then writing them on his dry erase board. This student in particular is challenging himself by writing one word and thinking of another word that rhymes with it to write. He wrote the word "tip" and after I took the picture, he added the word "rip".

Work on writing. This student wrote a sentence in her journal and is illustrating a picture to go along with it.

Read to self. This student is practicing "retell a familiar story" which is a strategy from our CAFE board.

Lounging around and reading! I love how this student is really getting into pretending to talk to someone on the phone, while reading her book!

This week, I introduced a new activity at working with words station. The students use a small jar of play-doh and build sight words either on the paper or on the table next to the paper.

This student is working with words by using wikki stix to build sight words and word family words!

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