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Week in Review--Fire Safety


In reading this week, we learned about text features in a book and why an author might add text features to their books. Text features can be anything different on a page like a table of contents, a label, a heading, a separate box on the page that has information, a list, letters/words in a different color, size or font. We learned that authors do these things in their stories to make important information and words stand out from other words on the page.

We focused on syllables this week and had three special days where we got to bring something in to share with the class and clap the syllables out. On Wednesday we brought a stuffed animal, on Thursday we brought a favorite picture from home and on Friday we brought our favorite piece of candy and we even got to eat it. Yum!

We also learned all about the -am family. To kick off our learning of this word family, we watched a video that had us reading and learning new words that end with the -am sound. We built words in the -am family, we went on a word hunt where we chopped the sounds up in the word and found it in a pile of other -am words and we practiced rhyming with all of the words in the -am family.

Our vocabulary words this week went with the story Everybody Helps. We loved learning all about the words work, earn, volunteer, hobby, office and protect. On Thursday, we used the app Pic Collage and took pictures of people around the school who were doing their “work” and labeled our picture with the word “work”.

Our new sight words: go, am

**Be sure to keep the white sight word cards from week to week and continue to practice all of them as new ones are sent home every week.

Our Poem of the Week:

iPad Fun:
  • Tellagami: We used an app called Tellagami this week. This app has the student create a character, add their emotion and change the background. They can also illustrate a background (we hope to do that feature soon). Once students created their “scene” they added a story using their voice about the character in that particular background.
  • Partners in Rhyme: This app is a game that has students practice matching rhyming words, finding rhyming pairs and completing several other rhyming activities.  
  • Students also continued to practice Reading Eggs, EPIC and QR listening books.

  • Learning Patterns: This week students used an app where they had to complete patterns. There were several different types of patterns that had to be completed.
  • Doodle Buddy: Students used this app to practice writing numbers, number words and counting objects by using the stamper tool to stamp the number they wrote. They used numbers 1-20 to practice!
  • Students also continued using Book Creator and creating their own math journals this week. We will complete a few entries in our math journals as a whole group for a couple more weeks and then students will enter their own entries in independently.


Writer’s Workshop this week focused on writing sentences using sight words and stretching out the sounds we hear in words we don’t know how to spell. This type of writing is called phonetic spelling. Students say the word they want to write slowly and write down all of the sounds they hear. If you see your child write the sentence “I like to et pizu.” which would really be written “I like to eat pizza.” is written perfectly in our world. If your child asks for you to spell something for him/her, please do not spell it. The only words that should ever be spelled correctly are sight words and any other word should be spelled phonetically, just writing down the sounds they hear.


Our math vocabulary word this week was sort. We learned all about different ways to sort items. We practiced sorting by color, shape and size. Later in the week we practiced sorting our ABC’s by letters with holes/no holes and another sort by letters with curves/no curves. We also got a new choice at Math with Someone. We practice subitizing and putting a number puzzle back together. We pull a piece of the puzzle out of the bag and say the number and then add it to the correct puzzle page. Students also shared how they are able to subitize, we focused one day on the picture of one apple with three apples below it. The students shared that they saw 2 and 2 which makes 4 and another student shared that she saw 1 and 3 which makes 4. Exciting learning and number talks in math this week!


This week was all about FIRE SAFETY!
  • Monday--We watched a video that went through SO many fire safety tips. I will post the video below. Watch it again with your child and talk about each of the tips!
  • Tuesday--We created a class Popplet on the iPad listing fire safety rules we have learned..
  • Wednesday--We had a fire fighter come to our school and teach us about his job and fire safety!
  • Thursday--We discussed various “what if” situations that could arise and how to handle them using what we have learned about fire safety.
  • Friday--We completed an activity where we built a fire truck using shapes we have learned this year in math!

Social Emotional Learning (SEL):
Social and emotional learning (SEL) is the process through which children and adults acquire and effectively apply the knowledge, attitudes, and skills necessary to understand and manage emotions, set and achieve positive goals, feel and show empathy for others, establish and maintain positive relationships, and make responsible decisions.

This week’s SEL focus is all about having EMPATHY. We started the week off by watching the next video on Class Dojo about our emotions and how Mojo was able to get out of the maze of his sad and frustrated emotions. He taught us that whenever we are stuck in that maze, to take a big deep breath and it will help us refocus and get out of the maze. We continued our learning of empathy throughout the week by reading a story called “Fill A Bucket”. This book taught us that everyone has an invisible bucket where when happy things happen to them or they help others be happy their bucket gets filled and when sad or mean things happen our buckets or other people’s buckets are emptied. We focused this week on filling and not spilling our own buckets, as well as those around us. We talked about ways we can fill other people’s buckets and in turn how filling someone’s bucket also fills our bucket at the same time!

A few discussion questions to talk with your child at home about this topic:
--How can we recognize when we’re in the Maze and try to stay out of it?
--What does it mean to put yourself in someone else's shoes?
--Ask a grownup in your life about a time they had to practice staying out of The Maze. What steps did they take?
--What are ways you can fill each other’s buckets at home?

Practice syllables! Point out various things around your house or wherever you are and clap out the number of syllables you hear when you say that word.

Next Week:
  • In reading we will practice retelling a familiar stories..
  • In writing we will begin learning how to write a true story!
  • In math we will practice positional terms and writing numbers 0-20!.
  • Our theme next week is all about the season Fall and leaves.
  • We also will be celebrating grandparents with our grandparents day celebration from 10-11 on Wednesday morning!
Important Dates/Information:
**Go to our classroom webpage if you want to see important dates on a calendar! I will update this classroom calendar as dates and events come about.

  • 10/24-10/28 RED RIBBON WEEK

Spirit Days for Red Ribbon Week 10/24-10/27
Monday - wear red (5th grade Student Council will dress up for Red Ribbon breakfast and will arrive at school late.)
Tuesday - "I have better things to do than drugs" Day (Wear clothes to represent your favorite hobbies, sports, etc.)
Wednesday - "I mustache you not to do drugs" Day (Wear a mustache.)
Thursday - "I'm too cool for drugs" Day (Dress in your coolest clothes.)

  • 10/26-Grandparent Fair 10-11 AM (please complete the form and/or message me back on the event on text that I sent out)
  • 10/28-10/31 NO SCHOOL FALL BREAK

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