Saturday, May 7, 2016

Week in Review--Zoo Animals


Our CAFE strategy this week was focused on asking and answering questions throughout the reading process. Readers who are actively involved in reading ask themselves questions before, during and after reading a selection. This is not only increases their reading comprehension of what is being read, but fully engages them in the reading process. As readers, when we are fully engaged in the reading process we are more likely to remember important details and information. Asking questions is a great way for readers to monitor their comprehension of a text. In class, your child has learned that successful readers generate their own questions and that not all questions generated will be answered. Learning to ask questions throughout the reading process is an important strategy because it teaches the reader to think aloud. It helps readers review important points in the text, evaluate the quality of the text, make connections and refine predictions.  
How can you help your child with this strategy at home?
1. Model the questioning process by reading to your child and stopping during the reading to question what is going on in the text. Use questions such as:
  • What does this mean?
  • Is this important?
  • How do I think this story will end?
  • What does this word mean?
  • Do I need to read this part again?.
2. Pre-select several stopping points in a text to stop and ask questions. Have your child verbalize questions he/she has at each stopping point in the reading.
3. Encourage your child to write down their questions as they read. Be sure the focus is not about finding the correct answer but that it is on curiosity, wonder and asking thought provoking questions.
Our vocabulary words this week were:
  • bellowed: said in a loud deep voice
  • dingy: dull; not shiny
  • rumbled: made a deep rolling sound
  • valley: low land between two mountains
  • waiters: people who serve food in a restaurant
  • weary: very tired
iPad Fun:
  • We used the app Buncee Edu and app smashed our animal creations with the app Book Creator to record our voice in a finished document and sent the assignment to Google Classroom as a video.
  • We used the app Pebble Go to learn about a specific type of animal we might see at the zoo. We then labeled things we learned about that animal using saving a picture from Pebble Go and putting it into Popplet with our facts around it..
  • We then had Reading Eggs, Raz-Kids, QR listening books and Epic! as the other choices when we completed our first tasks!
  • This week we completed our final entry into our Math Journals. We then saved the entire journal (it was a HUGE document from all year) and submitted it to Google Classroom!
  • We scanned QR codes around the room that revealed an addition or subtraction problem that we had to solve using one of our solving strategies. We wrote the problem and the answer down on a separate paper. There were 23 problems around the room, most students did not finish so we will continue completing this assignment next week.
  • We also have our choices from previous weeks to complete tens/ones using the Number Pieces app and scanning QR codes to reveal subtraction and ten frame problems and where we scan a QR code that gives an addition sentence to 10 with a missing addend. The students then open up the DoodleBuddy app and complete the problem practicing their ways to make ten!
We finished up our last official writing unit this week! We took our post test on Monday and the class did AMAZING. I was beyond impressed with their opinion writings! We then moved on to learning about ways people write every day in the world. We learned how we can write a list, respond to a picture, write/create a card and write a letter. We will continue practicing these ways into next week!
We are starting our end of the year review! We began this week by reviewing ways to make 10, addition, subtraction and two ways to make a number. We will continue next week with these topics, as well as counting, addition/subtraction stories, 3D shapes and more! We've also been practicing using expanded form with our number of school days!
This week was all about our planet Zoo Animals!
  • Monday we completed a Popplet about things we know a Zoo can “do”, what a Zoo might “have” (specifically what animals) and what we think Zoo’s “are”
  • Tuesday, we discussed and compared the differences between farm and zoo animals. We talked about why certain animals might live in a zoo compared to the animals that live in a zoo.
  • Wednesday, we learned all about elephants and giraffes and completed a Popplet with facts about each animal.
  • Thursday, we learned all about lions with Mrs. Keller’s class and worked in an app called Adobe Voice.
  • Friday, we finished a special surprise for Mother’s Day. :)
Our ABC Countdown to Summer started this week! Here is the fun we had:
  • K Day-We kicked off our shoes all day!
  • L Day-We enjoyed a lollipop at the beginning of our day!
  • M Day-We enjoyed dancing and singing to our favorite songs!
  • N Day-We changed our names for the day!
  • O Day-We enjoyed a special Oreo treat that Drew’s mom sent in!


  • This week we learned about a boy who went to McCutcheon High School named Grant House who past away last year. His family was holding a benefit to build a community type center for all to come and share. Local elementary students were asked to decorate placemats for the event and we pitched in our illustrating skills and donated a few place mats to the event!
  • This week was National Teacher Appreciation Week and our PAC was oh so kind to all of us showing us with special gifts and surprises everyday. I was excited to receive this book for my classroom library and couldn't wait to read it to the class! Thank you PAC! 

Have your child write or create a card or letter. If it is for someone who lives far away, show them how you would address and stamp an envelope and send it to that person!
Next Week:
  • In reading we will focus Sequencing Events in a Story
  • In writing we will continue our new writing choices
  • In math we will continue to review and practice concepts from the year.
  • Our theme next week is continuing to learn all about the Ocean!
Important Dates/Information:
  • ABC Countdown to Summer continues this week with F, G, H, I and J. Be sure to check your calendar each night to see what the next day’s letter and activity is!
  • 5/10 Field Trip to Indy Zoo
    • Please remember to pack a disposable sack lunch
    • Wear comfortable clothes
    • Apply sunscreen BEFORE school
  • 5/16 Kindergarten Graduation 10:00AM
  • 5/17 Field Day 1:00PM
  • 5/19 Talent Show
  • 5/20 Last day of school!

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