Saturday, February 6, 2016

Week in Review--Dental Health


This week we continued to focus on summarizing and retelling a story in sequence of beginning, middle and end. Summarizing is taking selections of text and reducing them to their bare essentials: the gist, the key ideas, and the main points that are worth noting and remembering.  Students need continued practice with this strategy because as readers, we capture the most important parts of text but express them in a shorter version so the text is more easily remembered. As readers we need to absorb the meaning of the passage and then capture in our own words the most important elements from the original so we can remember, organize, and understand the importance of what we have read. Readers are able to articulate the main point of a selection. At times finding key words or phrases may be helpful to support their ideas.

This week we also focused on the “-ub and -ug” word families. We created word family lists, played a game called a word hunt and added the new words into our Friday game of SNAP!

Our vocabulary words this week were:
  • pond
  • spurt
  • travel
  • pleased
  • information
  • perhaps

We enjoyed learning about these words, reading/listening to them in a book and reviewing the words late on in the week. We created our own vocabulary review book using Book Creator!
Poem of the Week

We also practiced responding to a story during our reading block this week by choosing a book from our book box and creating a book in book creator highlighting special parts of the book. Students took a picture of the cover of the book and a few pages and then told about them in their own words. A few examples can be seen below.



This class is absolutely blowing me away with their writing during this unit. They are all experts in so many topics and are teaching both myself and their classmates more facts than we ever knew that they knew! We have had books on falcons, play-doh, homes, school, iPads, turtles, books, recess and more! I am excited to continue to see what they come up with to write. As we are gaining independence in writing these types of books, we are beginning to create them in our Book Creator app. The student draws the picture, types the sentence and records a reading of the page.I will post student examples of this next week!

We focused on three different math concepts this week. We started the week off by learning how to “count on” from a given set. If we know that there are 5 objects in front of us, we do not need to count those five objects. All we would need to do is start at the number 5 and count on the remaining objects. We practiced counting on orally from any given number, using objects, counting on with a ten frame and base one and ten blocks.

We had a few new choices introduced during independent math work.These choices had students practicing drawing their shapes after they created a picture using various shapes they didn't copy that picture they created with the math tools and draw the picture by copying it with those shapes. A second choice was added where students practice drawing and creating base 10 blocks as tens and ones with numbers 0 through 20.
A couple other math concepts that we focused on this week were heavier versus lighter and longer versus shorter. We compared various objects on their link in their weight throughout the week.


This week was all about dental health. We learned about ways to keep her teeth healthy and clean as well as how to keep them strong. We watched several videos on how to keep our teeth healthy and clean. We focused on the right types of food we need to eat and food we should stay away from. We know that we love to have a candy and it is OK to have it in moderation but we shouldn't have it all day every day. We also need to remember to brush our teeth twice a day once in the morning and once before we go to bed at night. A few other things we learned that can help our teeth are flossing, mouthwash and visiting the dentist at least once a year. We had a special guest who works in a dentist office visit us this week and tell us all about ways to keep her teeth healthy and clean. We finish the week off by practicing brushing a brown dirty tooth and making a white shiny and clean. We learned that we needed to brush in circles and not back-and-forth we practice this technique on Friday when we were painting our brown tooth white we brushed with a toothbrush in circles to cover the entire tooth.

Measure items throughout your house and describe them using the terms "heavier/lighter" and "longer/shorter".

Next Week:
  • In reading we will focus on Back Up and Reread.
  • In writing we will continue our unit on informational writing pieces.
  • In math we will focus SUBTRACTION.
  • Our theme next week is all about Valentine's Day. Be sure to send in 22 Valentine's with your child on Friday. They must be filled out prior to coming to school. We will not be filling the cards out at school.
Important Dates/Information:
      • 2/11-K-2 Behavior Celebration
      • 2/12-Valentine's Party
      • 2/15--President's Day-NO SCHOOL
      • 2/18--Family Fitness Frenzy at MME 6:00PM
      • 2/25 ABC's of Ag Field Trip to McCutcheon High School
      • 2/26 K-2 Movie Matinee

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