Friday, October 3, 2014

Week in Review--APPLES

This week, our poem was called "We Can". We had so much fun guessing the mystery words (one that we haven't even had as a sight word yet) and doing the motions along with the poem! We really got to get up and MOVE this week!


-We started writing in our writing groups this week. I meet with a specific group each day and we discuss each other’s writing and find areas of need and praise. After the meeting, each student has set a purpose to focus on when he/she goes to write independently during writer’s workshop until our next meeting.

-We have started to write sentences to go with our pictures and have been focusing on using the sight words we have learned in reading and beginning sounds for unknown words. Some students are moving on to using beginning and ending sounds, as well as stretching out the entire word!

-One other area of writing we have been focusing on is our illustrations. We focused this week on using shapes to create a picture and to add detail to our picture by imagining what else would be in the picture if we were looking at an actual photograph.


-Our sight word this week was the word “we”!

-The CAFÉ strategy we worked on this week was the strategy.
“Name the Characters”

When we read, we often recognize common elements of a story that include plot, character, setting, and theme. We use these elements to help us infer what will happen next. As readers, when we identify and understand these elements, we store this information to help us remember and comprehend what the story is about. This week we focused on the characters in particular. We discussed how the characters can be people, animals or anything that moves/talks and has a special part in the story.

How can you help your child with this strategy at home?
  • When reading a story with your child, discuss the character. Begin by asking your child who or what the story is about.
  • Have your child describe the character in detail. Describing what the character(s) does and how important the character is in the story.
  • Ask your child to come up with another character that would fit well into the story. Have him/her describe.


-This week we continued to focus on numbers 1-20, practiced positional terms and sorted objects by color.

-We also introduced a new choice to “Math by Myself”. Students take a bag of mixed shapes and colors and sort the shapes by color. After they sort by color, they count each pile to see which they have the most of and which they have the least of.


--We started morning message this week! During the morning message, there are sight words, beginning and ending sounds, numbers and much more missing that the students have to help me fill in. Sometimes, I also have the students circle specific parts of the letter. For example, if we are working on ending punctuation, I would call on a student to find a specific punctuation mark. Or this week, we were focusing on the difference between a letter-word-sentence. I had students come up and circle just a letter, a word and a sentence. The message also acts as a discussion about what is to come in our day or a review of things we have learned. The options are endless with a morning message!

--We celebrated our September "Homework Club" winners this week. The students who turned in all three pieces of homework for the entire month of September ate lunch back in the room with ME on Friday! All students were put back into the club for a chance to stay in all October long!


Apple week was a success! We investigated our apples, learned about the life cycle of an apple, the different apple parts, Johnny Appleseed and had fun taste testing apple juice, apple pie, apple muffins, applesauce and of course apples! When taste testing our apple snacks, we recorded whether we liked each piece or not! Be sure to check your child’s paper to see what he/she enjoyed!

Next week:
--In writing, we will discuss how to continue to add more detail to our pictures and writing.

--In math, we will introduce a third math choice called “Math with Someone”.

--In reading, we will focus on all sounds; learn new vocabulary words and a new CAFÉ strategy!

--Our theme this next week is all about FIRE SAFETY!  Don’t forget to fill out your family fire safety plan!


Have your child draw a picture for you. Encourage him/her to add detail to the drawing, to focus on drawing by using shapes and to color each piece of the picture with the correct color from the real world. If possible, have them either label their picture and/or write a sentence to go with it!

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