Friday, May 23, 2014

Week in Review--Oceans

Poem of the week!


-In writing this week we finished up our last unit four on opinion persuasive writing. We reviewed all of the important details we need to include when we write our opinion. And then we took our posttest writing sample. The kids have learned so many things this year when it comes to writing I am beyond impressed with their writing capabilities. I'm excited to see what they do in first grade! On Friday we completed a fun writing activity by talking about our summer bucket list. We have a lot of fun plans this summer I hope you are all as excited as I am!


-We reviewed all of our sight words this week.
-We read the story There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed a Shell. After reading the story, we took pictures from each part and recreated the story by retelling using our pictures and imagination!

-We have learned and practiced many reading strategies this school year. Here are ten tips to keep your child reading over the summer…
1. Let kids choose! 92% of kids say they are more likely to read a book they have selected themselves.
2. Read outside! Bring sleeping bags, pack camp-friendly snacks and invite friends for a read-aloud adventure.
3. Track reading minutes! Have kids log reading minutes at and earn rewards.
4. Aim for a certain number of books. Have a goal will help your child have the drive to reach the goal! There could even be a special reward once the goal was reached.
5. Read on the go! Find good apps, eBooks and track reading minutes using the scholastic reading app.
6. Build a home library! Research shoes it only takes a $40 budget to fund books for one child all summer.
7. Go stargazing! Select nonfiction reads about constellations and planets around upcoming meteor showers and eclipses OR just enjoy the sparkling stars on a clear night.
8. Be a reading role model! Parents who read often are SIX times more likely to have children who are frequent readers.
9. Get crafty! Pick crafts based on a character in your child’s favorite book. Love princesses or pirates? Create your own wand or sword!
10. Go beyond the book! Take trips to locations featured in books. Visit a museum, historical site, garden, zoo or a local city to bring a story to life.



-We finished our last week of daily five math. It was a lot of fun looking back on all the things we have learned in math. We have grown so much this year when it comes to all of our areas but especially in math. Some students came in not knowing any of their numbers or counting higher than 10 and they are leaving counting to 100 or higher and adding subtracting sorting grouping graphing and much, much more.
This is was our last full week in kindergarten. We had a great time learning about the ocean and all the living things that live there. We started the week off by reading several books and illustrating an ocean picture with an outline using crayons. After we drew the outline the following day we used our watercolor paints and painted the picture bright and colorful adding lots of detail to our drawing. We continued the week on by reading more books and one of our favorites this week was called there was an old lady who swallowed a shell. In the story the old lady swallows various items found at the beach or in the ocean and we re-created that book and read told the story during our first daily five lesson one morning. We continued our learning fun on Friday afternoon by writing a story about a fish that we could have and coloring a big fish to match!

After we finished writing and creating our "Summer Bucket List", we shared our goals with the class! Watch the video below to see what we want to do this summer!


We had our last activity with our big buddies in the fifth grade this week. We went outside with our buddies and they tested us on writing our sight words. We wrote our sight words using sidewalk chalk. It was a lot of fun!

Lexi's mom came in on Friday to finish our last week Zoo unit up by showing off four animals from the Columbian Park Zoo. We were excited because we were able to touch each of the animals!

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