Friday, February 21, 2014

Week in Review--Dental Health


-We added a new choice to “Math by Myself” this week practicing subtraction. The student takes two dice and rolls them. The yellow dice has numbers 1-6 on it and the purple dice has 1 & 2 on all of the sides. After rolling the dice, the student writes the number that rolled up on the yellow dice at the beginning of the subtraction problem and the number on the purple dice in the second spot. The student then can use manipulatives, a number line or their brains to solve the problem and write the answer!

-We also continued to talk about decomposing numbers 1-9 in more than one way. We talked about how you can draw a picture to help you find various ways to make different numbers. We will continue to practice this skill next week.


-We had TWO sight words this week-- “she, all”.

-The CAFÉ strategy we worked on this week was the strategy.

“Read with Expression”

This strategy teaches the reader to read the story as the author would read it. Paying attention to punctuation, font size and various other text features helps the reader decide how to express themselves while reading. It is important to also be aware of what is happening in the story to know if the reader should pause at certain points, whisper the words, sound frightened and so forth. Reading with expression comes with more and more practice of reading.

How can you help your child with this strategy at home?

1.     When reading a passage, have your child stop and back up and reread it again by changing their tone of voice or expression with the words.

2.     When reading with your child have him/her repeat a phrase after you to practice various types of expression.

3.     Read, read, read out loud to your child. The more they hear what a “good reader” sounds like the more likely they are to pick it up when they are reading independently.

-We continued to practice writing “How To” books this week. We talked about how the “How To” book can be teaching someone steps to do something, but it can also be teaching someone something about a topic you know a lot about. For example, we learned about penguins in January. We could write an entire book about the things we learned about penguins! We are experts in MANY things and how fun to write about them to teach others!

Field Trip:

We went on a field trip over to McCutcheon High School for their ABC's of Ag day! It was a GREAT day! We saw many farm animals like a horse (who was pregnant!), a cow, piglets, goats, llama and much more! We also completed a craft, planted a seed that we took home to watch grow and enjoyed some tasty milk and cookies!


We had a short but great week! This week we learned all about Dental Health and how to keep our teeth healthy and clean. We started the week off by making a chart of foods that are good for your teeth and ones that are not good. We then colored a sad tooth by drawing those foods that make our teeth unhealthy and then colored pictures on a happy tooth with healthy foods! We read several books about animals that had sore teeth, a trip to the dentist, the tooth fairy and many more! We had a special guest visit our classroom that works for a dentist. She cleans kids teeth and teaches them about how to keep them healthy. She showed us how to properly brush our teeth and tongue and how to floss! We finished the week off by practicing to floss on a set of mega-blocks (large Legos) with play-doh caught between the grooves and brushed a dirty brown tooth clean with a toothbrush and white paint! What a fun week!


We also love our new "What to do when I'm finished?" chart. During content time some students finish the activity before others and instead of sitting at their seat....they can choose an option from the chart! It's been quite a hit for the last few weeks! Best part is they are squeezing in extra learning practice with letters, numbers and words!

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