Friday, January 31, 2014

Week in Review--100th Day of School!


-We had TWO sight words this week-- “it, is”.

-The CAFÉ strategy we worked on this week was the strategy.

“Main Idea of a Story”

The main idea of a passage is often stated in a sentence within the passage. It helps readers understand the most important idea about what is being read. The other sentences of the passage include pieces of information that tell more about the most important idea. These are called the supporting details.

How can you help your child with this strategy at home?

 1. When reading with your child, stop frequently and ask your child what they think the selection is about. Then, ask your child to give you one detail to support their thought.

 2. Remind your child that readers may think differently about what the author’s main point is in the selection. When a reader decides what he/she believes is the main idea, evidence from the text must be given as support. Model this process for your child, thinking aloud as you go and supporting your findings with details from the text. You may wish to use the following terms:

·         topic – the subject, what the text is about

·         main idea – most important idea about the topic (usually a sentence)

·         supporting details – bits of information used to support main idea

 3. Give your child an opportunity to practice this strategy. After reading a selection, ask:

·         In a few words, what is this selection about?

·         What do you think is the most important idea about this topic?

·         Did you find the main idea written in the passage or did you infer it?


-We began the week by adding a new choice to our Writer’s Workshop. This new choice is called “Respond to a Picture”. When the students are independently working on writing during the workshop time, they have been working on writing books about a true story in their life. They still have the option to write those books, as well as our new choice. This new choice has students look at a picture and respond by writing down their observation of what is happening in the picture. The pictures are typically very silly and the class has no problem coming up with a sentence to go along with it. After writing their sentence, they illustrate a picture to go along with it.
-We continued with writing late in the week by discussing how we can show and write about feelings in our stories. The characters or events in a story can have a feeling. We first talked about different feelings we have and then discussed how you can end a story by using a feeling. For example, if you write a story about a time you went on vacation with your family you might be able to end your story by saying how it made you feel to go on the trip.






-We practiced with the number 100 this week! We had a lot of fun searching the room for 100 Hershey Kisses and filling up our 100’s chart and finding other numbers around the room and coloring in a 100 chart piece of paper that then revealed the number 100 after coloring in and finding all the posted numbers.

-We did not learn about subtraction this week or complete any Daily 5 Math rounds due to the 2 hour delay, snow day and 100s Day.

WHEW! What another wonderful week in our kindergarten classroom. We celebrated our 100th day of school this week. We started the week off by beginning our 100 Words Book. At the end of each day, we took about 10 minutes to search the room as word detectives and by the end of the week filled our books up and wrote 100 words! We also, played a “Would You Rather” game with 100 items vs another 100 items of various things, filled a gumball machine up with 100 gumballs, sorted 10 different types of snack into 10 groups or 10 to have 100 pieces of snack, decorated numbers 21-40 to go in a collage of numbers 1-100 with the other kindergarten classrooms, found 100 Hershey Kisses around the room, earned a fake $100 bill for being 100 days smarter AND counted in many different ways to 100!

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  1. The kids look like they had so much fun! Thank you Mrs. Brown!!! :)