Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Week in Review--Thanksgiving Week!

This week was all about giving thanks! Below are several activities we completed learning about the first Thanksgiving, Pilgrims, Native Americans, turkeys and more!

This is a video of each student telling the class what he/she is thankful for...


During our reading time this week we read several stories about Thanksgiving, Pilgrims, Native Americans and turkeys. We focused on the story elements "main idea, characters and setting" in our first book this week!

We did not have new sight words this week. We reviewed all of our current sight words each day and even practiced them at home using our "Lightening Words" practice page. Tuesday, we played one of our favorite review games called "SWAT IT". 

Another reading lesson this week during Daily 5 focused on comparing and contrasting characters in a story. The story I picked was about Pilgrims and Native Americans. We first wrote down things we learned about each group and then realized after reading another story later that most of those things we wrote under each group, actually can fit in our "both" column!


We had a LOT of fun learning about Thanksgiving this week. Our afternoons were taken up by learning in our content area that we did not get to math this week. We practiced our word family words by reading them and having a turkey "gobble" them up! We also wrote about chores we do at home, just like the Pilgrims had to do chores and wrote a second sentence about something the Native Americans taught the Pilgrims to do! It was a lot of fun learning, discussing and creating these projects this week.

We painted hand turkeys on a paper that says...

"This isn't just a turkey
As anyone can see.
I made it with my hand,
Which is party of me.
I come with lots of love,
Especially to say...
I hope you have a very
Happy Thanksgiving Day!"

During our writing time this week, we focused on writing a "Who, What, Where" story about Thanksgiving. I sent home a paper for each family to fill out sharing what each child's Thanksgiving plans were going to be in order to help us write the piece. We sat in groups and completed our books. I am so very proud of each book! Below are two examples from the class.

Story 1:

I will go to my grandma and grandpa's.

I will be with my family.

I will eat and play.

Story 2:
I will go to my grandma's.

I like to be with my mom.

I play and eat.

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