Friday, October 11, 2013

Week in Review!


We created our “You Can Count On Me” board where each student put a picture of themselves on a paper person and placed it on the board close to the number they were able to count to. We had 6 students who are able to count to 100 and were awarded as our classroom “Math Magicians”. Each student’s goal is to be able to count to 100 by the end of the school year. I hope to have 18 class math magicians by the end of May, if not sooner!

--This week we practiced counting with a partner in Math with Someone by passing back and forth a Zoo Phonics stuffed animal between partners. The goal is to count to 25 and if they are able to count higher it’s a bonus!

--We introduced another “Math by Myself” activity where the student uses a deck of cards and math manipulatives. The student turns over a card and adds the correct number of manipulatives under each card. By the end they are able to see the various lengths of numbers under each card!

-We also reviewed our numbers and shapes by tossing a beach ball to each other. Whatever color our thumbs landed on, we had to tell the shape and two numbers written in that section!

-We practiced writing sentences using our sight words in a class story about our field trip last week. We also had a celebration on Wednesday with our 5th grade buddies from Miss Eloff’s classroom. They came to our room and sat with a student from our class and went through the writing journal helping add detail, write a new sentence and tell stories about writing.

-We also worked with our writing partners in class on using a check list to see if our writing has all of the parts needed for a complete writing piece!


-Our sight word this week was the word “can”.

How can you help your child with this strategy at home?

*Become aware of the sight words your child is practicing. When reading, focus on one or two within stories.

*Remember review and repetition is invaluable. Be sure to practice the sight words a few minutes each night

*Create a game of “sight word memory”. Look for pairs of words that match and read the words as you turn them over.

*Have your child write a sight word on a card, cut the words apart and see if your child can put them back together.

*Create a game of “Go Fish”. After grasping the concept of the game, only count matches that can be read.

-We practiced the reading strategy “Identify the Setting in a Story”.  The setting is described by where the story takes place. Look through books and talk with your child about where the characters are and if the setting changes throughout the story.
-We also practiced our ABC letter sounds by playing a bean toss game onto a mat with letters!


Miss Edmondson came into our class this week and read us a really neat story called Bully Beans. She taught us about standing up to bullies and even gave us our own jelly "bully" beans to give us courage to do so!

Fire Safety:

We had a wonderful week learning all about fire safety. We studied the fire fighters job, ways to be safe at home and school and what to do in an emergency. We practiced “stop drop and roll”, learned when to call 9-1-1 and that fire fighters are our friends.



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