Friday, April 12, 2013

Daily 5 Math!

We have a few new additions to our Daily 5 Math choices. At Math with Someone the partner duo rolls a dice and adds that many cubes to their pile. Once they reach a group of ten they attach their cubes together. Before each roll they have to say how many cubes they have and then add the number of cubes they roll on the dice. The first partner to reach 20 cubes wins!

A new "Number Work" choice is to fill in the missing numbers to a hundreds chart. They can use a completed hundreds chart sheet to help guide them if needed!

One of the new choices at "Math by Myself" is to practice drawing shapes. The specific shapes I will be testing the students on is the circle, square, rectangle, triangle and hexagon. I included the oval, diamond, star and heart for extra practice once the first five are mastered.

Another "Math with Someone" choice has the group practicing recognizing numbers 1-20 and drawing the correct amount of tens and ones to go with the number. 

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  1. Love these ideas. One of my summer goals is to plan to implement Daily 5 Math for next year.
    Mrs. Shelton's Kindergarten