Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Take a Look!

We have a few new strategies posted on our CAFE board. Each week we work on a new strategy and review previous strategies throughout the week. In the beginning the "C" for comprehension part of the board is focused on primarily and the other three areas follow. We will start to work in those other areas more in the second semester learning new strategies to help us become better readers!

Our "Writing Goals" board is up and running in our classroom! Everytime I conference with a studentwe discuss his/her focus goal/strategy they are working on to become a better writer. This week, we posted our names under that goal on our writing board. I noticed immediately after posting the students were more accountable to what their focus goal was than when we would just talk about it. They are able to look at the board, see their name and what goal they are working on. We discusseed how after working on a goal for some amount of time and when they are showing progress with that goal, we will move on to another goal. This week, we have already moved a few students who have shown growth in the goal they had been working on and were ready to move to a new goal. I was also impressed to see how well the students remembered what goal they were working on by just posting their name under the strategy.

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