Wednesday, November 7, 2012

New Bathroom Procedure!

Today we learned our new bathroom procedure during our morning 90 minute reading block where we do Daily 5. The students are allowed to use the restroom without asking to go, but only get the one chance during the 90 minute block. During the student's choice time, I am working either one on one conferring with students or working in strategy groups and are not to be interrupted while they are completing their independent choices. We were having a few students who seemed to be spending more time in the bathroom than at their choice =). So to solve this problem, we now have our names outside the bathroom door and if a student chooses to use the restroom during one of his/her choices they remove their name tag from the door and place it in the basket. After doing so, they go about the rest of their morning completing various activities during each of the five choices. Today being the first day, we had several students who were sure to use the new procedure. I'm sure the "newness" will wear off and it will just become part of our normal routine!

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