Monday, September 10, 2012

CAFE/D5 is moving along!

Our CAFE board is growing! We have introduced and are working on four different strategies. We started with "3 Ways to Read a Book" which are read the pictures, read the words and retell the story. We then moved on to retell a familiar story, use pictures to tell a story and are not working on check for understanding. Once a strategy is introduced, we continue to practice these strategies all year long.

After introducing a piece of Daily 5 we practice building our stamina. When Read to Self is first introduced the class has stamina of usually less than a minute. We chart our stamina after each round to see how much we have grown. Below is a recent chart and as you can see the class is doing a wonderful job of doing their job during Daily 5, so the teacher can do her job working with kids.

Our latest Daily 5 activity that has been introduced is "Word Work". The students LOVE this choice because they tend to not realize they are learning while working with letters and words. Some of the options they can choose are magnetic letter pans, play-doh, magna-doodles, wikki stix and much more. Before a choice is open to be used in the word work station, it is demonstrated and practiced by the students as a group.

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