Thursday, April 5, 2012

Review Mini-Lesson for CAFE

Our first CAFE mini-lesson today reviewed how to retell a story using specifically the main idea, characters and the setting of the story. We read the story The Busy Jungle during our morning calendar time and revisited the story during Daily 5. I first showed each of the three ways we were going to retell the story and then went through each one individually. We started with describing the setting of the story. I had the students turn and talk to a partner(s) next to them and discuss what the setting was using detail. After a minute or so, we shared what each group discussed about the setting. After the setting, I put the characters strategy on the board and the students discussed with their group who the characters were and what they did in the story. Again, after a minute or so groups shared with the class. Lastly, I showed the class the strategy "Main idea in a story". Each group again shared with each other what they thought the main idea, what the author's purpose for writing this story was and we then shared whole group. I was beyond excited to overhear the discussions between the groups about each of the strategies, but my favorite by far was when they shared what the main idea of the story was. Several groups thought of the main idea I was thinking, which was "The story was about how busy the animals in the forest were." One other group thought the main idea was "The author wanted to each us about what each animal in the story does in a forest." Both answers were exactly right, but said in different ways. The best part of it all was the students came up with these ideas all on their own by discussing with their peers. Way to go! 

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