Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Revisiting "Good Fit Books"

At the beginning of the school year we talked about ways they as beginning readers can pick a book for themselves that is a good fit to enjoy reading. Today, we revisited the idea of what makes a good fit book for us as kindergarten readers. We talked about how it wouldn't be easy to wear our mother or father's shoes all day long, just like it wouldn't be easy to read a book that is meant for someone else. We talked about what makes the students choose a particular book over other books. Below is the list we compiled that we think makes a good fit book!
  • Funny
  • Topic
  • Books in the same series
  • Read to know what happens
  • Does not have a lot of pages
  • Does not have a lot of words
  • Pictures
  • To learn something
  • Colors on the pages
  • Read a familiar book (one that you've heard before)
  • Author

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