Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Day Fun

Today, February 29th, marked a special day that only happens every 4 years, Leap Day! To help explain the reason why there is a leap day, we watched this video. I paused it several times to explain in simpler terms what was being taught. After the video, the class was a buzz with all types of questions. I was extremely excited to hear the questions my kindergarten students were asking. Below, I posted only a few of those questions. We ended up talking about Leap Day and much more relating to it for quite some time. They were very interested and I was beyond happy at how their minds were grasping the concept.
  • How does the Earth move in a circle?
  • If the Earth stopped moving in a circle, what would happen?
  • Does the sun move around planets?
  • How does the Earth know to move around the sun?
  • What does the moon do?
  • How does the Earth stay in one spot and not get out of the orbit?

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