Monday, January 23, 2012

CAFE Lesson "Author's Purpose"

Last week we worked on a new CAFE strategy "Author's Purpose". This strategy focuses on the reasons why an author writes his book. We discussed three main reasons for writing a book. Those reasons spell the word PIE.
To help the students grasp this concept we read several books and after each book we discussed what the author's purpose for writing that book was. In our grade level, most of the books we read are strictly for entertainment "fun" only. We have read a few books that seem to overlap in reasons why the author wrote them. The two that seem to work together the most are information and entertainment. There are several books where the author is teaching us something important, but is using humor to do so. We will continue focusing on this strategy this week, as well as refer back to it throughout the rest of the year.
Below are a few books we either read last week or revisited from reading earlier in the year to discuss the author's purpose.



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