Monday, January 9, 2012

Adventures of our Elf on the Shelf....Final Week!

Our silly classroom elf, Candy Cane, was up to no good his last week with us. Look below to find out the places we found him each morning!

On Monday, we found him hanging out on the Hawaiian lei behind Mrs. Brown's desk.

Tuesday, he was snuggled up under our tree reading a book called The Snowy Day. We think he was wishing for a white Christmas!

On Wednesday, he wrote us a note. During indoor recess the day before Candy Cane was bumped into and dropped his book and fell over. He told us in his note it scared him when he almost got hurt and he was hoping we would be extra careful and be sure to take care of him, but not to touch him because he did not want to lose his magic. He told us that if we kept him safe he would try to bring us snow from the North Pole! When he was taping the note up on the board, it looks like he got a little carried away and got himself tangled up and taped to the wall too!

Thursday, he got into the candy canes and decided to have a snack. The problem was, he is a messy eater! He left crumbs from his candy cane all over our classroom! Luckily, he cleaned it up that night and the mess was gone the next morning.

On his final day in our classroom, Friday, he completed his promise of bringing snow from Santa's house at the North Pole. He made a little bit of a mess and created his own snow angel! He was nice to save some snow in a cup for us to touch and feel. We did not have any snow fall on the ground outside, so he must have really brought us the snow from Santa! We were excited to see the difference in what the snow feels like up north. It was still cold though!

We enjoyed having our classroom elf for the few weeks up until Christmas. We hope he told Santa all of the good things we were doing in our classroom! Before Candy Cane left, he wrote us another note saying he left us a surprise in Mrs. Brown's desk. Sure enough, in the bottom drawer was a bag of candy canes, one for each student. We will miss you Candy Cane! Until next year.....

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