Thursday, December 1, 2011

Look and Talk

Today we did a look and talk with a page from our math series big book. We described various similarities and differences that we found in the picture. Below are a few of the observations the class made.

  • Two bears have bows and two do not.
  • Two bears are girls and two bears are boys.
  • Two bears have stripes and two do not.
  • All four bears have jackets on, but they are all wearing different colors of jackets.
  • They all are wearing name tags.
  • They all have buttons on their jackets, but not the same amount of buttons. Bob has the most buttons and Dina has the least amount of buttons.
  • Two are wearing skirts and two are wearing pants.
  • Two are holding something and two are not. But, the two that are holding something are holding two different things. One is holding an umbrella and the other a bag of apples.
Great observations!

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