Monday, December 5, 2011

Elf on the Shelf

We had a surprise visitor come to our class this morning. When I got to school I saw this book and found an elf hanging out in our classroom. We read the book together as a class and named our special elf friend Candy Cane. Candy Cane is one of Santa's elves and is in charge of watching us everyday at school. He is writing down notes as to who is making good and poor choices in our class. At night, he flies back to the North Pole and reports what he sees to Santa. He makes sure to come back to our classroom before the school day starts and it is our job to find where he is every morning. Apparently, he is going to be in different spots each morning and he might cause some trouble every so often too =). He did tell us one very important rule, we are NOT allowed to touch him. If we do, he will lose all of his magic and will not be able to report all of the wonderful ways we are treating our friends nicely and doing the right things everyday. We are very excited that he is here in our classroom and that Santa will be able to hear first hand how we are behaving in class!

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