Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Writing With Describing Words

During writer's workshop this morning we discussed how a sentence can be written in a way that can help the reader picture what the writer is writing about in further detail using describing words. We focused on using color words in sentences today. We first read through a couple of my journal entries and decided in order to give the reader a better picture as to what I was writing about, I needed to add a color word to describe the various objects I was writing about. For example, one of my sentences said "I like the flower." As a class we tried to picture what the flower looked like, we all had different ideas. We then changed the sentence to "I like the red flower". When we changed the sentence to add a color word to describe the flower it helped us as the readers picture what the flower looks like. Below are sentences we wrote together using color words, as well as an example of one of my student's writing entries in his journal during Work on Writing today. He was beaming with pride that he used a color/describing word to help the reader visualize what his pumpkin looks like.

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