Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Daily 5 Math-Videos

    Below are two videos of two of my students during the choice "Number Work" and "Math with Someone" during our Daily 5 Math time. These are two of their three options they have during Daily 5 Math. They can also choose Math by Myself.
    The first video is of one student using the number strips/clips. Each close pin has stamps on it that corresponds to a number on the strip. The student is to count the number of stamps and then place it on the number strip of the correct number. When they have all clips on the strip, they flip the strip over and there are numbers on the back of the clip to check their work.

    The second video is of two students using their number pan to create numbers. Each student pulls a number down and has the other one guess it. We are only working on numbers 0-20 right now. As a challenge, they can create any numbers 11-20! If their partner guesses the number incorrectly the first student tells them to "try again" and after the second try might have to tell their partner what number they created. Once they get the number correct, he/she tells their partner "good job".


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