Monday, October 24, 2011

Awards Program

We had our first nine weeks awards ceremony last Friday. In kindergarten, we do not have AB Honor Roll as a possible award. We have the MME (Most Marvelous Effort) Award and the Principal's Award. I picked two students for each award. I had a difficult choice because I have so many deserving students. Congratulations to the four students, Maddie, Jamison, Jill and Jeneka,who earned the awards!


  1. What a great idea. Does each class do this? We are trying in our school to boost kids behavior and academics. What is the principal award. Do you have this assembly each 9 weeks? What about the other kids that never get an award especially in kindergarten? I also saw in an earlier post that you did Parent University. Could you explain what you do and how parents responded to this night? I just love all your ideas!! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Hello! Yes, every class K-5 gives out two awards. The MME (Most Marvelous Effort) award, which is given to a student(s) who did not make the A-B honor roll, but worked extra hard in class and deserve recognition. The Principal's Award is given to two students in each class who most likely made the A-B honor roll and are always making good choices, doing the right thing and so forth in class. We have an awards program at the end of each of our 4 nine weeks. We choose 4 students total each awards ceremony, so a good number of students in each class earn an award, but not every student does. We have a weekly award called the "Grinder Award" (our school mascot is the Grinders) where we choose 1-2 students in our class and they go down to the office and get to sing and dance to a song with our principal. This is where we usually try to include students who might not be able to earn the other awards, but really have a great week. They previous week's winners are announced every Monday on the morning announcements.

    Parent University is a program we started last year to encourage more parent involvement at our school. Our school is just about 1/2 free and reduced. We have three nights throughout the year, we provide dinner and have a theme each night. Our first one this past September was all about Daily 5/CAFE (our reading block). We taught the parents what we are exactly doing in class and gave them ideas to work on at home. Daycare is provided for siblings younger than school-aged and the school-aged children go to a seperate room and read with big buddies or play games with teachers. Our next Parent University is all about our Math program. We will teach then what we are teaching and provide ways/games to take home for extra practice. At the end of each one, families put their names in a hat and are drawn out for various prizes that have been donated by businesses in our community. We have had GREAT crowds for each of them!

    Keep the questions coming! =)

  3. Hello, we as parents just experienced our first Kindergarten's nine week awards. I was excited about the program but then I saw that not all the kids got awards or praise for the work they are doing (understanding that they had to go through a lot of adjustments, going to school everyday, etc) I'm curious on how beneficial these kind of awards at this age? Can you point me to some research that show that this is a stimulating good practice? Thank you.

  4. Hello! All students receive a lot of positive praise and feedback on a daily basis. We, as a school, believe in recognizing students during a quarterly awards program. Kindergarten students are not eligible for the honor roll, but we want to include them in the ceremony. It is a long-standing tradition at MME to give the principal's award to kindergarteners. It is limited to 2 students per class due to making it a true honor and because we are limited on time. Though not all students get to come up to the stage, the staff continues to recognize students' daily accomplishments. I'm not able to to point you to specific research, however at our school, we believe recognizing student accomplishments helps reinforce and promote citizenship, hard work, and perseverance.

    Thank you for your comment/question! =)