Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Listen to Reading

I introduced Listen to Reading yesterday by modeling the procedures and jobs for our fourth Daily 5 choice. Today, we created an I-chart from what we learned yesterday and the choice was open for students to pick. Below are pictures of the job cards and our I-chart, as well as the tape player and students at the choice today. I have four chairs at the listening station and created four jobs, one for each student. Last year, I was able to have one person press play and another in charge of pressing stop/rewind. This year, the cd/tape player is close to only one chair so I had to be creative and think of another job besides pass out books and clean up for the fourth student. I decided to go with the "Card Collector". This person collects the job cards when it is time to clean up and returns them next to my chair to keep for the next rotation.

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