Sunday, September 4, 2011

CAFE Strategies

Below are pictures of my CAFE board. We have placed three different reading strategies on our board so far this school year. The first strategy we learned was 3 Ways to Read a Book. This strategy is important, especially for beginning readers, it gives them confidence in learning to read. They are pro's at reading pictures in books! The second strategy we learned falls under the fluency category, Sight Words. We have a new sight word that we practice reading and writing every week. Sight words are important for these young readers because they are found in all types of text! The third strategy we have learned is Check for Udnerstanding. This strategy is easiest to practice when I am reading a story aloud to the class, but is easy to do when just reading the pictures too! The reader is taught to ask themselves a question before turning the page and continue reading. This question is to help the reader check that he/she understands and is comprehending the story. The question can be about the characters, key details or even predicting what might happen next. We practice this strategy during read alouds and remind ourselves that by asking questions we are practicing Check for Understanding!

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