Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Apple Graph

During math time today we first created our own Apple Graph. I passed out different colors and amounts of paper apples to a few students. Each student counted the number of apples. We talked about how we first had to sort the apples by color and then when we were counting we put the apples into a new pile so we knew which apples we already counted. After counting and coloring in the correct number of boxes I asked the class to tell me any observations about the graph now that it was finished. Here are a few of their ideas....

"The green apples are more than the yellow and the red."
"The yellow apples are exactly in the middle of the red and the green."
"The red apples have the smallest."
"I know the green apples have the most because they are the tallest."

I love when my class has such great dialouge after a lesson and with little to no prompting by me! We will create another apple graph later in the week where they will color the boxes independently.

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