Friday, March 4, 2011

Missing Number Mini-Lesson

During our first math mini-lesson today, we worked on missing numbers. I put six problems on the board and called on students to come up and pick a problem to solve. We discussed how the missing number was either one less or one more than the number next to it.

Students working at the math with someone station. They are playing a game recognizing numbers. This week the numbers are 0-20. Next week I will be adding 21-30 and so on the following weeks to make the station more challenging.

This student is practicing addition problems at the math by myself station. Next week, I will be taking the addition cards out and replacing them with subtraction cards.

The next two students are working on numbers at the number work station. Both of these students chose the dry erase boards to practice writing numbers.

This student is at the math by myself station practicing his patterns. He pulls out a pattern card and creates that patterns using his different colored pieces.

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