Thursday, December 2, 2010

We've been reading the story The Polar Express this week. Today we talked about the importance of the illustrator for the book. Each student received their own book written by the same author of The Polar Express. Their job is to be the illustrator on each page. We discussed how an illustrator takes his/her time and does not rush through. They want the illustration to match the words on the page and to catch the reader's eye. We also discussed how using more than one color would make the illustration even more interesting. We are working page by page and discussing what would be something to draw on each page after reading the words that were written by the author. The student's are having a great time playing the role of an illustrator and are adding a lot of nice details. A few of them even mentioned they want to be an illustrator when they grow up! :)

The first page in the book was about the little boy looking out his window at the train and when the little boy was getting on the train. Students chose one of the two ideas to draw. Below are several students illustrations.

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