Friday, December 10, 2010

We learned all about gingerbread men this week and today during lunch, I put a batch of gingerbread men into the oven. The class told me to promise not to peak, but I couldn't help myself! When I opened the oven door early, they gingerbread men jumped out of the oven and ran out the door! By the time I got back to the classroom, the student's were coming inside from recess. I told them what had happened and we found a gingerbread clue on my chair. From that point on, we were off on a gingerbread hunt! The clues took us all around the school and we ended up back in our room and to our surprise, the gingerbread men were right there on the table! After the running around and reading all the clues, we finally caught them and ate them up! Yummy! I took video of the hunt, I will post it on here later.

I went to run around and around. Do you know where I might be found?

I got really hungry and I left in a flash. Can you guess where I might have dashed?

I feld like singing and I left in a flash. Can you guess where I might have dashed?

My tummy hurts and I need to lay down. Can you guess where I might be found?

Feeling much better now. I want to read a book. Do you know where to look?

You almost caught me, but I'm too quick. I'll play a computer game if you'll pick.

Surprise! You had a lot of fun, but I am off to the place I call home. See you back in room 26!

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